What if my mnemonic phrase is leaked or lost?

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Mnemonic phrase is a private key that is not encrypted. Anyone who knows your mnemonic phrase could take away your crypto assets.

SafePal would neither read nor store your mnemonic phrase, so we can’t help to retrieve your assets back once your mnemonic phrase is leaked or lost.

Therefore, you need to transfer your assets to a new wallet right away when you find the mnemonic phrases is leaked or lost.

The specific steps on SafePal wallet are:

1.Create a new wallet to receive your assets

Wallet Settings-->Reset wallet-->Create new wallet-->Write down new mnemonic phrase and keep it secure-->Bind the wallet with SafePal App--> Create and copy new receiving address

2.Transfer your assets out

Wallet Settings-->Reset wallet-->Recover wallet with old mnemonic phrase-->Bind the wallet with SafePal App--> Transfer assets to new receiving address created in step 1.