How to create/recover wallet?

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Different from Ledger or Trezor, SafePal S1 is embedded with a 1.3’ high resolution screen. Following the instructions shown on the screen, it is easy to create or recover your own wallet step by step.

Here is the overview of create/recover process:

How to Create-Recover Wallet.png

During such process, there are several tips you can refer to:

  • The left button could be used as a shortcut to go back to last step.

Button Illustration.png

  • There are 2 types of mnemonic phrase on S1: 12/set and 24/set. The longer it is, the safer your assets would be.
  • Please keep your mnemonic phrase secure anytime. Here are some additional tips.
  • The PIN code should be 6-12 digits. Please avoid to use weak PIN code, such as “000000” or “123456”.
  • Wallet name is recommended to be set when you have multiple wallets. Once the wallet name is set, it cannot be changed.