How to bind/unbind wallet and App?

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1) Binding

Four easy steps to bind your wallet with SafePal App:

Step 1: In SafePal App, click "Add Wallet" or the "Wallet" button on the top left in "Asset" page.

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Step 2: Click the "+" button.

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Step 3: Scan the QR code using S1.

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Step 4: On S1, approve the binding with correct PIN code. New QR code would be generated.

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Step 5: Scan the QR code using SafePal App and complete binding.

Once the binding is successful, the app will automatically synchronize all the coin types and the amount. Now you are free to use all features on SafePal Wallet!

2) Unbind

Two quick steps to unbind your wallet:

Step 1: In SafePal App, you can find all bound wallets in the “Assets” page by clicking the Wallets button on the top left, or swiping the screen to the right.

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Step 2:Select the wallet you want to unbind, and click the dot button on the right, then you will find the red “Unbind” button at the bottom.

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